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Company Profile

Doug started Dougie Jam Productions in 1989 because of his passion for music and his love for entertaining. He bought an existing company and received on-the-job training. As jobs transitioned to DJP, the previous owner taught Doug how to deejay different events by selecting the proper music and playing it at the right time. Doug then started to learn the craft of beat mixing from fellow DJ’s. Now he wanted to learn how to be an entertainer, so he was introduced to a popular MC/entertainer who then showed Doug how to interact with a crowd to create audience participation. Doug, wanting to be the best that he could be, started reading trade magazines, books, videos and attended DJ conventions. Using all this knowledge, his business grew from a single system operation, to a multi system operation. Today his company is one of the most sought after disc jockey companies in Fairfield County, CT. His commitment to providing top notch entertainment is second to none.

    • 2 deejay team for a nonstop flow.
    • Audience participation and interaction with or without party enhancers will get your guests involved, if desired.
    • Personality is what all our deejays have because it’s the key to having a truly successful and memorable occasion.
    • Convenient weekday evening appointments or weekend when available.
    • Meet with your MC beforehand to review all the details of your event.
    • Over 18,000 songs are on hand, allowing us to accommodate special requests.
    • Professional deejay equipment that is very dependable and sounds great.
    • Back-up sound equipment is available, ensuring a worry-free event.
    • Electronic forms and music lists can be input and sent to us from our web site.
    • Online music suggestions help with the music for your schedule of events.
    • Fully insured, which many banquet halls require, insures you peace of mind.
    • Tuxedos are worn by our disc jockeys for all formal events.
    • Professionalism is the reason we were accepted into the American Disc Jockey
      Association and the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association.

    • How long has your disc jockey company been in business? 25yrs
    • Do you use subcontractors? No
    • Do you use a computer system and what type? Macintosh computers with MegaSeg software a powerful and stable UNIX-based system.
    • How many songs do you bring with you? Over 18,000.
    • Does the disc jockey wear a tuxedo for formal events? Yes
    • Do you offer a personal consultation with the MC before the event? Yes
    • Does the company have qualified backup people to fill in if the disc jockey is ill? Yes
    • Does the disc jockey have back-up equipment? Yes
    • How many hours will you play? We have a 2 hour minimum.
    • Can he or she perform overtime? Yes, our DJ’s only perform one show a day
    • How many breaks does the DJ take? None, we play continously from cocktail hour to the last dance of the night.
    • Do you use a written contract? Yes
    • Does your company carry liability insurance? Yes
    • Are you members of any professional associations? Yes, The American Disc Jockey Association and the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association.
    • Will the disc jockey take requests? Yes
    • What types of payments do you accept? Checks, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American
      Express and Discover.
    • Are we supposed to tip the DJ and if so, how much? Gratuities are at the discretion of the client, but if you feel the DJ warrants thanking them generally $25-$100 each is the average.