Dougie Jam Productions has been affiliated with the American Disc Jockey Association since 1995.

The corporate mission of the American Disc Jockey Association is to maintain the highest quality standards and professional excellence of the disc jockey entertainment industry. The objective is to aid its members in the promotion of all aspects of their individuals companies and establish themselves as professionals in their field. This objective will then preserve the integrity of the professional disc jockey industry.

A.D.J.A. Membership Requirements
1. All members are urged as a matter of professional business practices, to carry a liability, property and casualty insurance policy.
2. All members must provide to have access to, back up equipment and personnel for booking emergencies.
3. All members must provide a professional sound system.
4. The sound system used by the member shall be such that they are capable of adequately handling the requirements of the function (size of hall, number of people, type of function).
5. No member shall endeavor to supply music for any function if their music library is not extensive enough to satisfy.
6. All members must use a written contract. In the event that time does not permit, (last minute bookings), a verbal confirmation is acceptable.

A.D.J.A. Objects and Principles
1. To unite into a non profit organization all persons who become members and to provide a forum for professional disc jockeys to meet and deal with issues and matters of the industry.
2. To provide a forum for consumers to deal directly with the disc jockey service industry.
3. To obtain and provide benefits for members that otherwise may not be readily available due to the small size of their individual operations.
4. To assist members in developing their operations with a view towards improved standards, efficiency, education and profitability, and to uphold standards of proper
business practices.

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