Dougie Jam Productions has been affiliated with the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association since 1995.

The corporate mission of the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association is to maintain the highest quality standards and professional excellence of the disc jockey entertainment industry. The objective is to aid its members in the promotion of all aspects of their individuals companies and establish themselves as professionals in their field. This objective will then preserve the integrity of the professional disc jockey industry.

C.P.D.A. Membership Requirements
1. All members must have a minimum of five years
disc jockey experience.
2. All members must use professional audio systems.
3. All equipment must be in rack mounted road cases.
4. All members must wear a tuxedo to all wedding receptions, corporate functions and formal events (unless
otherwise requested by the client).
5. All members must use written contracts.
6. All members must have liability insurance.
7. All members of the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association must abide by the Code of Ethics.

C.P.D.A. Code of Ethics
1. Deejay must wear a tuxedo to all weddings, anniversary parties, and corporate functions.
2. Equipment shall be maintained in a clean, esthetically pleasing manner.
3. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted while performing.
4. Deejay shall provide consultation services, in person, to all brides and grooms within a reasonable period of time before the wedding date.
5. Deejay must set up, with music
playing, at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.
6. Deejay must cooperate with all
service people incorporated with the event (photographer, videographer, wedding consultant, etc.).
7. Deejay must introduce him/herself to banquet manager in charge of reception in order to coordinate day’s events prior to bride and groom’s arrival.
8. Deejay must return telephone calls made during working hours to clients within 24 hours of the original call, before and after a written contract is signed.
9. Volume during cocktail and dinner hour shall be at a reasonable level in order for conversation to occur easily.
10. Profanity is strictly prohibited, by all members on or off the microphone.
11. Deejay shall at all times, maintain a professional,
positive, and friendly attitude throughout the performance, regardless of any occurrences.
12. Deejay should congratulate bride and groom personally before leaving.
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