Wedding Ceremonies

More and more bride & grooms are having their ceremonies at the reception site. Actually according to a 2010 study by The Knot, 43% are following this trend. I think it’s more convenient for the guest, not to have to figure out how to get from the house of worship to the reception. Many reception sites are capitalizing on this trend by charging to have the ceremony in their on-site chapel. However, most have added gazebos and arbors to create a beautiful area for this memorable event.

If you are a couple that is planning to get married at the reception you have two choices for music, live musicians or a disc jockey. Depending on how many musicians you have, a ceremony could cost about $450. Generally, a DJ charges only about $200 and will include at least one microphone to hear the exchange of vows. Keep in mind if you hire musicians you will need to rent a PA system, so the guests can hear the officiant and the bride & groom.

The bottom line, if you are planning a ceremony at the reception site, I would recommend having a DJ supply the sound reinforcement. The ceremony will usually last for 30 minutes, so having a DJ will save you money, which you could put into other things.

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